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#IATEFL2018: ELT as emacipatory practice by Steve Brown

Here's another set of notes from a talk I attended yesterday. Introduction We live in a world where people who are in position of power are using it to further disadvantage people in an already disadvantaged position. We are assisting to the commodification of language, learning and teaching! Where is power located in ELT? school owners publishing... Continue Reading →

#IATEFL2018: Making PARSNIPs palatable by Rose Aylett

Here are my notes from this very interesting and thought-provoking session I attended yesterday. Premise PARSNIPs are left out of classroom practice because of: institutional policies local culture lack of materials fear of Ss reactions However, they are important and Ss often need the language to talk about these issues. So why boycott them? How... Continue Reading →

I’m tired

I apologise for the rant that follows, but sometimes I just need to get things out of my chest, and this is one of those times. Despite the best efforts of the institution I work for to actively promote equality, we still get loads of requests for madrelingua (native speakers). And do you know where these... Continue Reading →

My #tdsigcarnival contribution: peer observations

This post is in response to TDSiG request to share teacher development success stories as part of their 2018 Web Carnival. In my experience, one of the most successful and useful TD activities we do where I teach are peer observations. In this post, I would like to explain why. 1: Quick and easy tricks... Continue Reading →

I’m back

I can't believe it's already been more than a month since my last post. Not a good start in my New Year resolutions. Oh, well. Before I get back into my blogging mood (I'm already preparing a post for the TDSiG Web Carnival event), let me update you on a couple of things: I've passed... Continue Reading →

2018: hopes and resolutions

First things first: I wish a happy and peaceful 2018 to you all and to your families and colleagues. May this 2018 bring love and understanding in both your home and your classroom. Now let me talk about blogging and resolutions. As I wrote on my previous post, I am immensely proud of my 2017... Continue Reading →

My wandering 2017

The end of 2017 is approaching, so it feels like a good time to stop for a moment and take stock of this blogging year. This blog has been (and hopefully will be) a great CPD tool, as well as a great place to come to when I needed to put something into writing in... Continue Reading →

Fighting climate change: lesson notes

Today I would like to share a very successful lesson I created for a B2 (upper-intermediate) group around the topic of climate change and this article by The Guardian. This is a very rough plan and needs fine-tuning, mainly to suit your learners needs and interests. I have used this lesson with both adults and... Continue Reading →

Delta module 1 exam is over

Some impressions after sitting Delta module 1 exam. After more than 15 months of preparation (while also working full time), I finally sat module 1 exam last Wednesday. Of course I can't say anything about the result, as I will not know until next February, but I just wanted to note down some impressions I have had after doing the exam.

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