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Delta task: real-life listening

In this task, I was asked to consider what is involved in real-life listening, and what the implications for classroom teaching are. Here is my reflection on the topic (I have dome this before reading the recommended book on the... Continue Reading →

Planning one-to-one lessons

Some time ago I wrote about how I (am required to) plan my lessons. What I wrote there actually only applies to groups. Apparently, I do not have to produce such an accurate plan for my individual students. To tell... Continue Reading →

2017 Eaquals conference workshop: quality fallout

I am thrilled and terrified to announce that a colleague and I will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Eaquals Annual Conference in Riga, Latvia, in April this year.

Delta task: Why teach sense relations

In the online Delta course I'm following, one of the tasks for the lexis unit required us to take notes on why sense relations can facilitate vocabulary learning and make lessons more interesting. It also required us to refer to... Continue Reading →

Present tenses timelines

Sometimes as teachers we take the present tenses for granted, especially with higher level students. However, as Parrot points out in his Grammar for English Language Teachers, students often have difficulties choosing the correct tense and tend to overuse the... Continue Reading →

Just a quick update: following advice I will be posting tasks and reflections I have been doing while working on the online Delta Module 1 preparation course I'm attending. The posts will be mostly my own reflections on the tasks, to which anyone is welcome to add their thoughts or ideas. Their purpose is only to clarify the topics in my head and possibly to get some feedback from colleagues.

Five things I love about being a teacher

I know, this post might be a bit cheesy, but today I feel positive so I'd like to share with the blogosphere the reasons why I love teaching, and particularly teaching English in a language school (as opposed to teaching in a primary or secondary state school). Here is goes.

Freedom in the classroom: Open Sankoré

Free and open source IWB software that I find really useful in my everyday teaching.

How to be a confident NNEST

Many things have already been written and said about the topic of NNEST equality in ELT. However, what can we do as NNESTs to improve our self-confidence and how students and employers see us? Last week I read this excellent... Continue Reading →

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